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Purchase Banner Advertising from Dealsandthrills.com

Front Page side ad   120x240 .............. $25.00

Front Page side ad button 120 x 90 .......$15.00

Inside Pages top  banner ad.................$50.00 

Inside Pages bottom banner ad.............$50.00

Inside Pages Side ad 120x240...............$20.00

Inside Pages Side button ad..................$10.00

Billing is processed for 1 month intervals via Paypal secure processing system.

After you pay for your ad please drop us an e-mail and tell us about what you would like to promote with your advertisement.  Please e-mail SSGI@Frontier.com 

Ads are Live within 24 hours of purchase.

Choice of Catagory



Existing Accounts can conveniently renew there advertising here with Paypal Secure Processing System

Account Name


Example of 120x240 ad size is : Shrewsbury Construction

Example of 120x90 ad size is: Personal Touch Income tax

Inside top or bottom banner ads run full length of top or bottom of category page. Example: Princeton Power Sports  or #One Pawn Shop

If You already have a banner designed that you would like to use for your advertisement please submit them via e-mail to ssgi@frontier.com  in either JPG or GIF format.

If you have questions, give us a call (304) 887-7529